The Process

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The Process

Postby c7cwolf68 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:32 am

I feel a certain form of security knowing I can make my own medicine and treat ailments that I would normally have to go to the doctor for. Not to mention all the serious deadly and debilitating diseases we are finding cures and relief in a Marijuana regime. The fact I may be able to cure something my doctors couldn't is very empowering.
Then there is the process of actually growing your medicine. It is well known that(at least for most people) gardening relieves stress. The plant itself gives so many options to grow by and there is always a level deeper you can go into the growing process itself. So many strains that each help with different problems and the adventure of finding the one that will help or fix you. It's not just a weed, it's an adventure.
So now we have to empowering from the ability to help oneself, we have the stress relief from the gardening. We have everything that comes with the treatment and applications to still learn which breeds hope. The positive attitude that comes from all of this. All these affects must help you heal yourself even if the herb ends up being a temporary solution.
I know I enjoy going off on these little diatribes but I feel it is important to let people who may not fully understand the problems and solutions get informed. And, who better to let them know than us.
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