K2, Spice and Other Deadly Drugs

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K2, Spice and Other Deadly Drugs

Postby c7cwolf68 » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:56 am

If they would lower prices of herb, legalize it for all purposes, there would be no need for these poisons. I know people who smoke K2 just because it's cheaper. I hear $80 of herb is equal to $15 of K2. The powers that be should be jump on this family of drugs before they become epidemic. I feel now that more people are smoking herb because of it's medicinal purposes, it leads younger ones or broker ones to try it. It only takes one hit of K2 to kill you. And if you think herb makes you a bit slower, K2 smokers nod all day like heroin addicts, No brain, no pain.(with many of the same physical withdrawl symptoms).

Yes, K2 causes hardcore withdrawl, I have seen it first hand. The man in tears from the pain and discomfort. The lists of symptoms are practically identical to opiates.

Govenments need to control this, you can buy it from China(I am starting to change my mind about our new relationship with China), on Ebay. ON EBAY!!!

Look at what a great job we did with meth when it became an epidemic. Again, meth is in the same catagory with the US govenment as herb. Meth and herb in the same catagory would make me laugh if it wasn't so sad. Looks like we are going to handle a hard drug problem the same way. It just brings tears to my eyes, so many people could have a better quality of life without all the side effects from big pharma's pills and their other BS.

Please, someone burn(vape) some herb so I can be more understanding of these problems. :jointpass:

I realize the world is in the dumper right now, wars everywhere. people dying or should I say murdered everyday. This issue is by no means at the top of the list, but if you lend me a pen, I can change that. ;-)

Bathsalts. What the heck is bathsalts and why would anyone shoot that shit into their bodies. It causes decay, insainity and extremely violent behavior.(Or was that alcohol? J/K). I understand they sell it in headshops as a bong cleaner and some other harmless sounding uses. Clean your bong or anything you may use to smoke(vape), and you will be taking bathsalts next time you smoke your herb. This has got to be the scariest stuff out there.

There will always be hardcore drug addicts, but a working legalization of herb would take it off the gateway drug list. And, I believe alcohol is the real gateway drug anyway. People will try things and get hooked, that's life. But perhaps if they moved the herb to a lesser level, people would be less apt to try the other drugs on the same list it is on now.
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