Senior Retirees should avoid High Blood Pressure (HBP) and live a Happy Life

Senior Retirees should avoid High Blood Pressure (HBP) and live a Happy Life

Blood pressure is one of the things that comes with age so have Medicare Supplement plans 2020 just in case from  In fact as you advance towards the age of 40, you will certainly start realizing that you have a racing heart and that you sometimes feel like you are going to fall down due to dizziness. The good thing is that high blood pressure is not a disease but just a manageable condition. The good thing is that you can manage it on your own by just following what the medial professional or a personal doctor has told you to do. I will agree with you that instance of HBP brings discomfort and that is the reason why I would like to share with you some of the ways of avoiding HBP.

Avoid too much salt in your food

Most of the seniors who have retired love eating roasted meat and this is an instance or a time when much of the salt is repetitively applied onto the meat. Salt is not bad but it may increase lead to anticoagulation of blood and makes you blood lighter to a point where it races so fast. The thickness of blood should be maintained by making sure that you always eat little salt and if need be just avoid it completely. This is hard but your health is very important and it is the concern of everyone.

Avoid too much smoking

Smoking is part of lifestyles and that is the reason why people smoke… just for prestige and not to satisfy the urge to do so. Smoking also causes high blood pressure as it introduces nicotine into the body’s system. With that fact, it is very important to either quit smoking or start living a happy life after you retirement by smoking once in a while. Considering that might not be easy to quit, it is very important to look for other ways to make your body less agitated when it comes to the urge to smoke.

Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol is a stimulant on its own. Whenever you smoke, you realize that your blood starts to race and that is when high blood pressure could set into your life. It is very crucial therefore to drink a little just to keep the urge to drink down. You need to quit it completely if you feel like it is becoming a burden to your life.