Medicare supplement insurance and open enrollment

It is for a period of six month that Medicare open enrollment is open and includes 3 months before and after the 65th birthday of the consumer. It can prove to be beneficial for seniors in several cases, to buy Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 during the open enrollment open window. Consumers allowing expiry of their 6 month window period under specific circumstances may not qualify medically for the supplemental plan.

Assured eligible age of 65

Seniors who are Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 qualified are provided with assured eligibility of insurance at the time of open enrolment, irrespective of the health history. It is not necessary to have health underwriting and no medical questions are to be answered on any application. Medigap insurance plans that are provided at the applicant’ state can be purchased easily. Medigap coverage cannot be denied by insurance providers, in case, application is done during the 6 month timer period

Other eligibility guarantee period

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 does have other guaranteed eligibility time periods for those who are outside the 6 month window. Those of age 65+ and involuntarily losing group supplemental coverage or group health insurance are offered assurance with Medical Supplement Plan. But underwriting will be necessary for specific plans like Plan J and premium discounts may not be available on the plan choice.

Benefits derived from getting coverage during open enrolment

Several supplemental insurance providers are known to offer discounts at the time of open enrollment. In few cases, price reduction enjoyed by the application can be up to 15%. It can prove to be fabulous savings that is carried over to the subsequent years, thus assisting the person to enjoy reduced premiums with increase in age of the insured. Besides this, few insurance providers will need underwriting for those well known supplements such as Plan J, in case, the applicant has cross 3 month period after his/her 65th birthday. For Plan J, health underwriting is not needed, if application is being done during open enrolment.

Open Enrollment and Medicare Disability

Medicare disability acceptance is termed to be a qualifying event in few states to get guaranteed coverage. Those under the age of 65 and government disability approved are provided with 6 month window for purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 irrespective of their health history. Medicare disability consumers can find it beneficial to enroll in the plan at the time of 6 month opening. Or else, it becomes crucial for them to avail medical underwriting, with the acceptance highly unlikely because of health concerns.