Medigap plans will increase

As we age, we will need to consider our medical insurance needs, At 65, we are able to join Medicare, which will indeed help us. Medicare only covers 80% of hospitalizations, medical tests that our medical practitioner may require, medical equipment and other needs. Also the amount of coverage will depend on the fact that you have Medicare Part B with Medicare Part A.

Even having Medicare Part B, there is still 20% expenses that are not covered. These costs can be considerable as an individual advances in age and may be difficult to pay. As we get older, these medical tests may be needed, so we need to consider all options in getting our medical insurance coverage.

There are available 12 insurance plans sold by all insurance companies called Medigap plans. These plans are lettered from A-L and each has many benefits to fit the needs of each individual being insured. One should look carefully to determine what fits their own medical problems and pick that plan accordingly.

There also are plans called Medicare Select. These plans have limits and one should look carefully if these meet ones needs. They have restrictions on what medical practitioner you may decide upon. Also any tests that the medical practitioner requires may have to be approved before being administered and waiting for these approvals may not be desirable.

The benefits of each Medigap plans are the same from each insurance company. For example, if you purchase Plan A, it will be the same from company to company. The difference will be the premium and will be determined by the area in which one resides.

One should consider purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 within six months of joining Medicare Part B. Any existing conditions should not be a problem.

The premiums these Medigap plans have are determined by several conditions. The age at which on joins Medicare is 65 and the premium will be set for that age. If an individual waits 1, 3 or even 5 years, the premiums increase accordingly. The extra cost, if we wait, when as we are older may put a burden on our finances. So this is a consideration when joining a Medigap Plan.

Also come January first, Medicare benefits change according to Medicare rules and regulations. The Medigap plans will also change and premiums may increase because of this. Each individual will be notified in advance of any changes to their premiums.

Why Medicare Supplement Plan may not cover everything

There are some standard Medigap plans in some countries that already have them. Each plan has a letter of appointment (Plan F, for example) and is sold by private insurance which is then offered by a country. Although it has a varied harbor on the company. However it has great benefits on the Medigap plan which has been standardized according to the plan of the provisions. This means the quality of Medigap Plan, will have in common with the insurance.

The Medicare Supplement Plan has several variations. F, G, and N have many advantages despite differences. Medigap Plan F is quite popular, as it offers the advantages of other Medicare Supplement plans. However, to be able to enjoy the facility, Medigap requires you to pay the administration fee at the beginning of registration. If you choose Plan F, you must pay all Medicare Original fees at the specified amount. However, because the amount is fairly high, you may have lower monthly premiums.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything. If your health-care needs require you to get services outside of what’s covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, you may be left with large out-of-pocket expenses. These bills may add up without additional coverage. That’s where Medicare Supplement plans come in to help fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare coverage. Whether a Medicare Supplement plan is right for you will depend on your needs and budget. Be sure to compare all Medicare plan options in your area to find the coverage you need.

There are things you should consider first before you can make your plan. You do not need to rush into one plan that you are not aware of or one that you were talked into without a research. The good news is that each plan is awesome and has been standardized. However, the price varies from one company to another.  To make sure that the plan you are getting is perfect for you, ask questions and meet your doctor if you are not sure what will cover your health care need

Since Medigap Plan F offers the most benefits, it is natural that the most expensive expenses are incurred; However, this may not always be an obstacle, because there are still other options. Where there is medigap that has a fairly low cost. You may find other Medigap plans with lower premiums than Plan F. But if you often encounter problems where immediate security is required, Plan F is the right choice, because the most help is in good quality.


 Since Aetna Medicare Supplement F offers the most benefits, it is natural that the most expensive expenses are incurred; However, this may not always be an obstacle, because there are still other options. Where there is medigap that has a fairly low cost. You may find other Medigap plans with lower premiums than Plan F. But if you often encounter problems where immediate security is required, Plan F is the right choice, because the most help is in good quality.


Retirees and RV’ing – Driving the Country

Do you ever wonder how it would feel like to wake up every day in a new place with new plans in mind and different destinations to drive to? That is how it feels when you live in a recreational vehicle. RV’ing is not just a hobby, it is an entire lifestyle in which a person lives inside a recreational vehicle and travels from one place to another for the sake of joy and relaxation. It is not exaggeration if we call it a lavish and dream lifestyle. This is especially true for people who have retired, as retirees have nothing specific to look forward to with no job any longer at hand. Thus, retirees would feel very relaxed cruising around the country in their wagon home.

However, where the lifestyle of Rv’ing involves many adventures and joys it also comes with some limitations and routines that need to be followed in order to make this lifestyle worthwhile. In order to be living inside an RV and travelling, you have to downsize your possessions to a certain degree, so as to fit them inside this home like wagon. No matter how difficult it is to wrap up your entire life and get moving inside a few feet long and wide camper, the surprises and pleasures Rv’ing holds are far greater than these little difficulties. Just imagine, how great it would feel being able to drive in your own small home to your grandson’s first birthday who lives across the country. You can be part of your children and grandchildren’s lives along with viewing the various sceneries the country has to offer to you.

Those of you who have led a very limited, calm live and very stable job would think why someone would choose to live and travel inside a wagon. Nevertheless, this option is ideal for people who have led a very adventurous life and now need this joy and adventure to accompany them even after being retired. Thus, Rv’ing is the best option that would come to their minds as it offers many adventures from mountain hikes, to cultural sightings and other outdoor activities. Rv’ing is the kind of lifestyle these adventurous retirees crave but to be able to fulfill this dream life, they need to save and plan beforehand. Planning early and saving along with downsizing is important to be able to afford this adventurous journey around the country after retirement. A medical insurance is a must when you are driving across the country in your wagon because any medical emergency can occur and you need to be prepared for the expenses. Invest in Medicare Supplement Insurance so that you can get help paying off your health-care bills even when Rv’ing.

One needs to realize that every situation with some advantages and joys brings along some disadvantages and troubles too. The same is true for Rv’ing as traveling in a single wagon with all your belongings from your clothes to your medical supplies is not as easy as it sounds. But for people who have a passion for travelling and adventures and especially for retirees with such a taste of troubles that come along Rv’ing seem worthy. In short, driving around the country and Rv’ing is a good choice for retirees with an adventurous taste, minimalistic approach to life and some money in their hands.

Dealing with Diabetes

The risk of developing lingering diseases increases as you age. Diabetes is one such disease. It is estimated that seniors aged 60 and above have a high risk of developing it. One out of four senior citizens is currently living with this disease which sadly is a huge ratio.

Diabetes can affect many body functions like digestive, circulatory, nervous and reproductive systems. Moreover, people have a higher risk of developing infections if they are suffering from this disease. There are two types of diabetes: 1 and 2. Type 1 is rare accounting for 5 percent of all adult diabetics. Type 2 is common with around 95 percent of all adult diabetics suffering from it. Type 1 happens when insulin is not produced by the pancreas. However, in type 2 diabetes, there is a low production of insulin or the insulin produced does not effectively balance out the glucose in our body.

There are a number of symptoms associated with this disease. Some of them are extreme thirst and hunger, loss of weight, feeling of tiredness, numbness, confusion, blurred vision and the need to frequently urinate.

Diabetes can have a huge impact on adults of all ages affecting their physical and mental health, but the consequences are pretty high for seniors. Some age-related factors like sleep issues, eyesight weakness, and limited physical movements may accelerate the onset of this disease.

If the statistics mentioned above seem a bit too much bleak to you then you should not panic. With proper care and lifestyle changes, diabetes can be successfully managed. In fact, researchers have claimed that Type 2 diabetes can even enter into remission phase, provided if proper care is taken to control weight and exercise regularly.

Some tips to effectively deal with diabetes for seniors are as follows.

  • Management of weight is very important to balance the levels of insulin in your body. Even a brisk walk of thirty minutes a day can do wonders for your health. Swimming and bicycling are also other good options.


  • Stop smoking is necessary and a vital step towards a healthy life. A study found that overall smokers are 30-40 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.



  • Seniors should consume a healthy diet. Proper meal plans should be made which include leafy greens, pulses, and white meat. Fruits should be consumed that are low in sugar. Oily and fatty food should be avoided.


  • People with diabetes develop gums that frequently bleed. They also have dental problems. It is therefore advised to visit a dentist on a regular basis. They should also take care of their feet and wear socks most of the time because any cut or wound on feet of a diabetic person can become a serious problem if not taken care of properly. So, prevention is better than cure.



  • Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a serious complication faced by adult diabetics. Older people should, therefore, monitor their glucose levels regularly. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels should also be checked regularly to control hypertension and risk of stroke.


Caring for yourself is very important as you age. You should have regular visits to your healthcare professional to devise a clear strategy. Your visits are usually covered by Medicare to some extent, but you should also look into Medicare Supplement Insurance to cover the additional costs and live a carefree, healthy life you deserve.

What Medicare Supplement Plan F is?

Many Americans are enrolling themselves in the Medicare supplement plan, after enrolling in the original Medicare plan in order to conserve their money from out of pocket issues like deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. It was reported that, around 1/5th of the old Medicare subscribers with the age limit of 65 are indulging themselves in the Medicare supplement plan in 2010.

Out of 500,000 Subscribers, around half of the people have enrolled for Plan F or C. Basically, ten Medicare supplement plans are prevailing in the market and out of these 10 plans, Plan F and C has covered entire medical coverage. Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Coverage plan prevailing in the market. Plan F basically covers,

  • Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Part A hospital and coinsurance costs up to an additional 356 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment
  • First three pints of blood used in an approved medical procedure (annually)
  • Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency medical care (80% up to plan limits)

Among all the Medigap plans in the market, Plan F will offer you with less out of pocket cost and it’s the easiest solution to conserve your expenses without much effort.

While the new law depicts that, the supplement plans with part B deductible coverage are not permitted to be sold in the market. If you have Plan F previously, then you can keep those plans with you. The new law has effect only on the new enrollers.

Luckily, Part B deductible doesn’t have much impact on your medical expenses thus for plan F will not add much deviations to your costs. If you are facing difficulty for enrolling yourself in Plan C or plan F then you can go for plan G. Plan G covers entire plan F expect the Part B deductible. Medicare supplement plan is the full coverage plan and it will cover all your medical expenses.

Overall, Plan F offers you a strong as well as powerful coverage and when its combined with the basic Medicare plan then this will be like a robust coverage for almost all medical expenses. Most people have less probability of medical expenses. However, if they have any out of pocket medical expenses then the combo of these two plans will provide them a better and efficient solution with no sort of difficulty.

Things to consider to qualify for Medicare benefits

By qualifying for the benefits offered by Medicare, the person can get immense relief. Currently, Original Medicare is considered to be among the top health insurance plan that is made available to eligible citizens. However, the coverage does come with some gaps. There are co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles to be met. However, these gaps are found to be well defined as well as easy to be covered with the available standard Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

Getting information

The person can be in a position to predict his annual; medical expenses. There is also no need to face any kind of unwanted surprises or medical bills to be paid off. It is very much possible by deriving the best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 that the person is eligible for. There are plenty of sites and blogs providing information, agents ready to visit to give the details, etc. Information can also be availed from someone known.

Getting proper coverage

Since there is only single open enrollment period for the person in his entire life, he/she is likely to get just one. During this time, the person is endowed with special rights and can enjoy Guaranteed Issue Rights. It means, coverage for any of the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 cannot be denied at this point of time. Even past medical history will not be checked into when getting the coverage. Also he is not required to answer any type of questions relating to his present and past health. Simply, he is required to select a plan that is just perfect and suit his specific requirements. Such rights can be enjoyed for a period of six months after turning 65 or form the effective Part B date. Although the person is currently in good health, unfortunate circumstances may take place at any point of time, for which he needs to be better prepared. If the choice to get the right plans is not taken at this time, then he will have to repent in the future as he will not be able to qualify health-wise for the desired plans.

Buying Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

Hence, those nearing 65 should start searching for independent brokers, especially those who are experts and know a lot about Medicare supplement plans. The competent broker is sure to help comprehend the available choices and impact every option present on the pocket book as well as individual healthcare. It is possible to demand a service which is deserved.