Senior Retirees should avoid High Blood Pressure (HBP) and live a Happy Life

Senior Retirees should avoid High Blood Pressure (HBP) and live a Happy Life

Blood pressure is one of the things that comes with age so have Medicare Supplement plans 2020 just in case from  In fact as you advance towards the age of 40, you will certainly start realizing that you have a racing heart and that you sometimes feel like you are going to fall down due to dizziness. The good thing is that high blood pressure is not a disease but just a manageable condition. The good thing is that you can manage it on your own by just following what the medial professional or a personal doctor has told you to do. I will agree with you that instance of HBP brings discomfort and that is the reason why I would like to share with you some of the ways of avoiding HBP.

Avoid too much salt in your food

Most of the seniors who have retired love eating roasted meat and this is an instance or a time when much of the salt is repetitively applied onto the meat. Salt is not bad but it may increase lead to anticoagulation of blood and makes you blood lighter to a point where it races so fast. The thickness of blood should be maintained by making sure that you always eat little salt and if need be just avoid it completely. This is hard but your health is very important and it is the concern of everyone.

Avoid too much smoking

Smoking is part of lifestyles and that is the reason why people smoke… just for prestige and not to satisfy the urge to do so. Smoking also causes high blood pressure as it introduces nicotine into the body’s system. With that fact, it is very important to either quit smoking or start living a happy life after you retirement by smoking once in a while. Considering that might not be easy to quit, it is very important to look for other ways to make your body less agitated when it comes to the urge to smoke.

Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol is a stimulant on its own. Whenever you smoke, you realize that your blood starts to race and that is when high blood pressure could set into your life. It is very crucial therefore to drink a little just to keep the urge to drink down. You need to quit it completely if you feel like it is becoming a burden to your life.

Medigap plans will increase

As we age, we will need to consider our medical insurance needs, At 65, we are able to join Medicare, which will indeed help us. Medicare only covers 80% of hospitalizations, medical tests that our medical practitioner may require, medical equipment and other needs. Also the amount of coverage will depend on the fact that you have Medicare Part B with Medicare Part A. Even having Medicare Part B, there is still 20% expenses that are not covered. These costs can be considerable as an individual advances in age and may be difficult to pay. As we get older, these medical tests may be needed, so we need to consider all options in getting our medical insurance coverage.

There are available 12 insurance plans sold by all insurance companies called Medigap plans. These plans are lettered from A-L and each has many benefits to fit the needs of each individual being insured. One should look carefully to determine what fits their own medical problems and pick that plan accordingly. There also are plans called Medicare Select. These plans have limits and one should look carefully if these meet ones needs. They have restrictions on what medical practitioner you may decide upon. Also any tests that the medical practitioner requires may have to be approved before being administered and waiting for these approvals may not be desirable.

The benefits of each Medigap plans are the same from each insurance company. For example, if you purchase Plan A, it will be the same from company to company. The difference will be the premium and will be determined by the area in which one resides. One should consider purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 within six months of joining Medicare Part B. Any existing conditions should not be a problem.

The premiums these Medigap plans have are determined by several conditions. The age at which on joins Medicare is 65 and the premium will be set for that age. If an individual waits 1, 3 or even 5 years, the premiums increase accordingly. The extra cost, if we wait, when as we are older may put a burden on our finances. So this is a consideration when joining a Medigap Plan. Also come January first, Medicare benefits change according to Medicare rules and regulations. The Medigap plans will also change and premiums may increase because of this. Each individual will be notified in advance of any changes to their premiums.

Why Medicare Supplement Plan may not cover everything

There are some standard Medigap plans in some countries that already have them. Each plan has a letter of appointment (Plan F, for example) and is sold by private insurance which is then offered by a country. Although it has a varied harbor on the company. However it has great benefits on the Medigap plan which has been standardized according to the plan of the provisions. This means the quality of Medigap Plan, will have in common with the insurance.

The Medicare Supplement Plan has several variations. F, G, and N have many advantages despite differences. Medigap Plan F is quite popular, as it offers the advantages of other Medicare Supplement plans. However, to be able to enjoy the facility, Medigap requires you to pay the administration fee at the beginning of registration. If you choose Plan F, you must pay all Medicare Original fees at the specified amount. However, because the amount is fairly high, you may have lower monthly premiums.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything. If your health-care needs require you to get services outside of what’s covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, you may be left with large out-of-pocket expenses. These bills may add up without additional coverage. That’s where Medicare Supplement plans come in to help fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare coverage. Whether a Medicare Supplement plan is right for you will depend on your needs and budget. Be sure to compare all Medicare plan options in your area to find the coverage you need.

There are things you should consider first before you can make your plan. You do not need to rush into one plan that you are not aware of or one that you were talked into without a research. The good news is that each plan is awesome and has been standardized. However, the price varies from one company to another.  To make sure that the plan you are getting is perfect for you, ask questions and meet your doctor if you are not sure what will cover your health care need

Since Medigap Plan F offers the most benefits, it is natural that the most expensive expenses are incurred; However, this may not always be an obstacle, because there are still other options. Where there is medigap that has a fairly low cost. You may find other Medigap plans with lower premiums than Plan F. But if you often encounter problems where immediate security is required, Plan F is the right choice, because the most help is in good quality.

Since Aetna Medicare Supplement F offers the most benefits, it is natural that the most expensive expenses are incurred; However, this may not always be an obstacle, because there are still other options. Where there is medigap that has a fairly low cost. You may find other Medigap plans with lower premiums than Plan F. But if you often encounter problems where immediate security is required, Plan F is the right choice, because the most help is in good quality.

Things to consider to qualify for Medicare benefits

By qualifying for the benefits offered by Medicare, the person can get immense relief. Currently, Original Medicare is considered to be among the top health insurance plan that is made available to eligible citizens. However, the coverage does come with some gaps. There are co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles to be met. However, these gaps are found to be well defined as well as easy to be covered with the available standard Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

Getting information

The person can be in a position to predict his annual; medical expenses. There is also no need to face any kind of unwanted surprises or medical bills to be paid off. It is very much possible by deriving the best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 that the person is eligible for. There are plenty of sites and blogs providing information, agents ready to visit to give the details, etc. Information can also be availed from someone known.

Getting proper coverage

Since there is only single open enrollment period for the person in his entire life, he/she is likely to get just one. During this time, the person is endowed with special rights and can enjoy Guaranteed Issue Rights. It means, coverage for any of the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 cannot be denied at this point of time. Even past medical history will not be checked into when getting the coverage. Also he is not required to answer any type of questions relating to his present and past health. Simply, he is required to select a plan that is just perfect and suit his specific requirements. Such rights can be enjoyed for a period of six months after turning 65 or form the effective Part B date. Although the person is currently in good health, unfortunate circumstances may take place at any point of time, for which he needs to be better prepared. If the choice to get the right plans is not taken at this time, then he will have to repent in the future as he will not be able to qualify health-wise for the desired plans.

Buying Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

Hence, those nearing 65 should start searching for independent brokers, especially those who are experts and know a lot about Medicare supplement plans. The competent broker is sure to help comprehend the available choices and impact every option present on the pocket book as well as individual healthcare. It is possible to demand a service which is deserved.


Provided by the US government, Medicare offers an exclusive health insurance program for three sets of people – retirees, people with final stage renal disease, and young people who suffer from disabilities. Apart from covering doctor’s and hospital visits for senior American citizens, Medicare also includes different types of prescription drugs and preventive care.

  1. Medicare Offerings: The health insurance program covers certain services – Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that covers hospice, inpatient hospital care, and specific types of home health services,  Medicare Part B is medical insurance that covers outpatient care, preventive services, medical supplies, and doctor’s visit fee, Medicare Part C also called the Medicare Advantage Plans is a type of Medicare healthcare plan that is offered by private insurance companies. These companies maintain a contract with Medicare and provide additional services such as Medicare medical savings account plans, special needs plans etc., inclusive of Part B and Part A benefits. Finally, Medicare Part D offers prescription drugs coverage – drugs are placed in different tiers, and the prices of the drugs are determined by which tier they belong to.
  2. Enrollment Period: There are specific time periods when people can enroll into the Medicare program. Some people will need to apply for the program, while others may automatically get access to Medicare, this solely depends upon the situation faced by an individual. The initial enrollment period to get enrolled for the first time happens during the 7 month period that commences 3 months before a person’s 65th birthday month. Medicare charges higher premiums for people who do not sign up for the program during the initial enrollment period – a person may have to pay late enrollment penalty for Medicare Part B if they miss out on enrolling when they are first eligible.
  3. Amount of Premium: Even if there is health insurance provided by an employer, it is ideal for people to choose Medicare Part A when they turn 65, mainly because they will not need to pay a monthly premium amount for this type, as they paid Medicare taxes during their career. Everyone will have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part B. The premium amount differs depending upon when a person enrolled into Medicare Part B and their income. As of 2018, most people pay $134 as the standard premium amount for this type of Medicare.

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How the Medicare Advantage Plans works and what are the advantages of availing this coverage?

Understanding the manifold benefits that the Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 offer AT  , more and more people are opting for this coverage plan, in addition to their Original Medicare coverage. Research suggests that this plan is a candid way to restrict the  upfront expenses out-of-pocket, borne on medical purposes. Hence, if you are yet to subscribe for this benefit, you should do that right now. However, before doing that it is necessary that you are well aware of the steps it follows as well as the benefits in opting for this scheme. Here are the key points that hold relevance in that context.

The process by which the Medicare Advantages Schemes work

 These plans come from the private insurers, approved by Medicare. Each month, Medicare pays these companies a specific amount of money and subsequently, the insurer covers the costs, in adherence to the rules and regulations, set by Medicare from time to time.

Medicare Advantage Plans are of various types and the benefits available under one plan, is likely to vary from the benefits, available from other plans. In the majority of the instances, these plans will cover the prescription drugs through an allied scheme, specially designed for such purpose. In general, these plans involve the participation of the following cases:

  • Organizations offering Health Maintenance services.
  • Preferred Provider Organizations.
  • Plans dealing with Special needs.
  • Private Fee for Services
  • Medical Savings Accounts.

What are the key benefits in opting for these plans?

If you are opting for the Medicare Advantage Plans, it is likely that your insurer will offer this coverage at Zero premium. The availability of the plan majorly depends on the area you are residing.  In addition to the benefits that you are entitled to get as per the provision of the original Medicare plan, this additional plan will fetch some added coverage, if not included within the Part A or B of the original Medicare scheme. For instance, you will get coverage for dental and vision care, that are usually not included in the Original Medicare plan.

Most importantly, this plan will restrict the extent of your out-of-pocket expenses for availing health services. Once you reach that extent, you will not require paying a penny further to avail the services covered. Each plan comes with different limits and it is likely that the  amount applicable in this regard, changes each year.

Pros and Cons of Medigap

Medicare is a government advantage that spreads healthcare for individuals of 65 years or more in the United States. Numerous individuals of this age will likewise buy out of their own pocket a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 arrangement keeping in mind the end goal to fill in the holes. When searching for an appropriate strategy it is critical for you to do your exploration. Understanding the upsides and downsides of any arrangement that you take a gander at is essential. In that capacity, how about we have a short take a gander at the fundamental favorable circumstances and impediments of Medigap.

For one thing, how about we take a gander at the principle favorable circumstances. One of the essential impediments of Medicare all alone is that it won’t cover all parts of a person’s medical needs. It will, along these lines, be important to buy a supplemental bundle with a specific end goal to ensure that you are completely secured.

For instance, if you were to wind up remaining in hospital for a significant timeframe you may find that your hospital stay is just somewhat secured. Thus you would be required to cover the extra expenses that start to mount and these could without much of a stretch include into the a large number of dollars. By acquiring extra insurance through a Medicare supplement you will have the capacity to keep away from these issues.

A moment advantage is the relative moderateness of these supplemental bundles over the Medicare coverage that you will as of now be getting. With a touch of looking it ought to be genuinely simple for you to identify moderate designs that won’t put too huge of a mark in your bank adjust. It is, in any case, imperative and guarantee that you are just buying coverage that is required.

In any case, there are sure burdens related with these plans too. One of these is the way that a significant number of the plans will be to some degree restricted with their treatment alternatives, often making them unsatisfactory for the client. A beneficiary may well be constrained with the system of doctors that they can exploit and may likewise need to remain with the supplier that they have picked inconclusively.

There will likewise be various different out-of-pocket expenses related with these plans also. For instance, if any beneficiary was required to see a master then they may need to pay for the administrations out of their own pocket as opposed to getting them through the arrangement itself. This will, in any case, not be the situation if expert treatment is esteemed as a prerequisite by the insurance company.

At times you may likewise find that the genuine insurance company may wind up leaving the Medicare program if they don’t feel as though certain topographical areas have been profitable for them. For this situation the policyholder would basically need to go out and locate another arrangement, causing bother and stress.

In general, be that as it may, this supplemental insurance can be exceptionally helpful when utilized as a part of the correct design. Consider your coverage needs specifically and after that pick an arrangement that depends on this.

Medicare supplement insurance and open enrollment

It is for a period of six month that Medicare open enrollment is open and includes 3 months before and after the 65th birthday of the consumer. It can prove to be beneficial for seniors in several cases, to buy Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 during the open enrollment open window. Consumers allowing expiry of their 6 month window period under specific circumstances may not qualify medically for the supplemental plan.

Assured eligible age of 65

Seniors who are Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 qualified are provided with assured eligibility of insurance at the time of open enrolment, irrespective of the health history. It is not necessary to have health underwriting and no medical questions are to be answered on any application. Medigap insurance plans that are provided at the applicant’ state can be purchased easily. Medigap coverage cannot be denied by insurance providers, in case, application is done during the 6 month timer period

Other eligibility guarantee period

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 does have other guaranteed eligibility time periods for those who are outside the 6 month window. Those of age 65+ and involuntarily losing group supplemental coverage or group health insurance are offered assurance with Medical Supplement Plan. But underwriting will be necessary for specific plans like Plan J and premium discounts may not be available on the plan choice.

Benefits derived from getting coverage during open enrolment

Several supplemental insurance providers are known to offer discounts at the time of open enrollment. In few cases, price reduction enjoyed by the application can be up to 15%. It can prove to be fabulous savings that is carried over to the subsequent years, thus assisting the person to enjoy reduced premiums with increase in age of the insured. Besides this, few insurance providers will need underwriting for those well known supplements such as Plan J, in case, the applicant has cross 3 month period after his/her 65th birthday. For Plan J, health underwriting is not needed, if application is being done during open enrolment.

Open Enrollment and Medicare Disability

Medicare disability acceptance is termed to be a qualifying event in few states to get guaranteed coverage. Those under the age of 65 and government disability approved are provided with 6 month window for purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 irrespective of their health history. Medicare disability consumers can find it beneficial to enroll in the plan at the time of 6 month opening. Or else, it becomes crucial for them to avail medical underwriting, with the acceptance highly unlikely because of health concerns.

Medicare Supplement plans in California, check before you buy

Private insurance companies in California are expected to issue to disabled people who are under 65 beneficiaries some Medicare supplement plans. Conversely if you are in the renal disease end-stages and are under 65 years, the insurance companies under the California law do not sell you any Medicare supplement plans.


California provides special protections for disabled younger beneficiaries. In case you have Medicare supplement plans because of a disability apart from ESRD. However, you can get Open enrolment period to start the Medicare supplement plans if you are with Part B enrolled and this period is open for six months. In case, you found you are retroactively Medicare eligible, the Medigap begins during the open enrolment period right from the day you received Social Security letter stating you were eligible.


During the Open Enrollment Period, there is a guaranteed-issue right to avail the Medigap Plans A, B, C, or F. You can avail Medicare supplement plans K, L, M, or N, if available. Nevertheless, the insurance company may decide if they wish to offer these plans or not. Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 all have different premiums from each company.

Medicare supplement Plans 2019

If you have queries if you qualify for Medicare Supplement plans or not, you can discuss the option through phone or even email and get information. You can start browsing, compare plans and also view the plans available in your area by entering the zip code. In case, you are not convenient about speaking or consulting an insurance agent with regards to your Medicare needs, you can look for federal assistance during business hours.


If you are living in a state that do not offer the disabled people Medicare Supplement plans or if the plans you choose to have are very costly or it is unsatisfactory with respect to the coverage, you may consider to opt for Medicare Part C.  This is also known as the Medicare Advantage plan. It offers cover for Part A and Part B. The Part C is operated by private companies and is Medicare approved.


Precisely, if you are in one of the U.S. states offering Medicare supplement plans, then Medigap plan is absolute for you. It offers the best coverage and its plans vary with each type. It is your duty to look for the plans available in your state and consider the best and affordable plan for you. Ensure, you buy that you desire during the open enrollment period and avoid paying penalty charges throughout your life.

What’s Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare offers US recipients a lot of choices nowadays. If that you understand the choices, their expenses and benefits, it ought to be easy to pick a health arrange for that will work for you or some individual you nurture. Nonetheless, when you first take a gander at all of the choices, it can appear to be extremely confounding.


When you have original Medicare, you will utilize your government provided card to get to benefits. If that even you supplement your benefits with a Medicare benefits, you will utilize that advantage card plus a card issued by a private health supplement company. Be that as it may, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans work a little differently. In the event that you join a MA plan, you will simply utilize that card to get to your health benefits.


You will in any case be a Medicare recipient, however the benefits of you new arrangement will supplant your original arrangement benefits. These plans are marketed by private insurance agencies, yet they are sponsored with a similar government cash that would endorse the original arrangement.


The Medicare Advantage


All MA plans must be endorsed by the administration, and they should give benefits that are equal, or greater to, the original arrangement. Truth be told, one reason that MA plans are alluring in light of the fact that they may give extra benefits or administrations to their individuals. For instance, some give transportation of health club participations. Some may offer extra administrations, than are not for the most part some portion of Medicare, similar to dental check ups. What’s more, some are hand crafted for individuals with special needs. These Special Needs Medicare Advantage plans can be useful for those with specific circumstances or health conditions.


Something else that is alluring about MA plans is that they may not cost much. Most recipients pay a premium for Part An and Part B that leaves their government disability check. What’s more, these plans are subsidized with government cash. Some require an extra premium, yet some don’t. Some have even discounted piece of the original arrangement premium. This is alluring to numerous seniors or impaired individuals with restricted earnings.



Kinds of MA Plans


There is more than one kind of plan, similarly as there is more than one sort of other health protection approaches. You can discover PPO, HMO, or PFFS (Fee for Service) approaches. PPO and HMO designs utilize a system of specialist. With a HMO, you are the most limited to utilizing the system keeping in mind the end goal to get scope. With a PPO design, you utilize the system for the best benefits, however you may stil be secured outside the system. Either design more often than not permits a few special cases. A run of the mill special case would be crisis treatment. But since of the system of plan restorative specialist organizations, these plans can be the least complex to utilize, yet in addition the most prohibitive.


Another kind of plan is called Private Fee For Service (PFFS). These will pay the expenses for any restorative specialist co-op, however the supplier must be wiling to work with the specific arrangement you have.


Some MA plans incorporate medicine benefits (Medicare Part D), and some don’t. If that your arrangement does not come packaged with Part D scope, you would need to join another Medicare medicine anticipate those benefits.


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